TalkBack is the Google screen reader included on Android devices. TalkBack gives you spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking at the screen.

Android Accessibility Help

Start TalkBack

To start TalkBack:

  1. Go in your device settings
  2. Open Advanced
  3. Open Accessibility
  4. Turn on TalkBack

I would recommend setting TalkBack as your Accessibility shortcut. Turn on Accessibility shortcut and select TalkBack as the shortcut service. The shortcut depends on your device.

Android TalkBack Accessibility shortcut screenshot

How to use TalkBack

TalkBack is a gesture-based screen reader. We are going to use our screen to navigate.

Here is a list of the default gesture for navigating:

Gesture Action
Single tap while talking Stop talking
Single tap on content Announce content (Explore by touch)
Double tap on link button etc. Activate/click link button
Swipe Up Previous navigation setting
Swipe Down Next navigation setting
Swipe Left Previous item (Move backwards)
Swipe Right Next item (Move forward)
Scroll 2 finger Scroll the page
Swipe down then right Open global context menu The global context menu contains commands that work anywhere
Swipe up then right Open local context menu, The local context menu contains controls that relate to the focused item. The options available in the menu change depending on the item
Swipe left then right Scroll back
Swipe right then left Scroll forward
Swipe up then down Focus first item on screen
Swipe down then up Focus last item on screen
Swipe down then left Back button
Swipe left then up Overview button
Swipe right then down Open notifications
Swipe up then left Home button